Oil Skimmers

Oil Skimmers. Prominent & Leading Supplier from Chennai, we offer Oil Skimmers such as Belt Type Oil Skimmers and Multi Belt Oil Skimmers. Cost effective oil skimmers for removing floating tramp oil from machine tool coolant tanks. The Belt driven by reduction geared motor and the belt is partially submerged in the soluble coolant/Oil trap tank. As it rotates, the belt picks up tramp oil from the coolant surface. Wiper assembly with wipers made of Teflon to wipe off the oil adhering to the surface of the belt on either side. The oil skimmers are available with various sizes both single stage and multi stage.

Application: Machine tool coolant tanks/ Sewage treatment plants/ Effluent Treatment plants, hydraulic oil mix up in coolant tanks, oil accumulation in effluent collection sumps, degreasing baths in plating tanks, oil from components in industrial cleaning machines.

Oil Skimmers chennai